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TEN Square Competition

TEN Square Business Pitch Competition 2017

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6 March 2017 I India Habitat Centre I New Delhi I India

Create, Educate, Innovate, and Share – JOIN US in this 1st EDITION

  • TEN Square – TCOE India’s COMPREHENSIVE Entrepreneurship Enablement Program
  • TEN Square Business Pitch Competition – a UNIQUE PHYSICAL + VIRTUAL Incubation Program
  • Get ONBOARD with TCOE India’s TEN Square Entrepreneurship Enablement Program
  • Get REWARDED by none other than the Honorable MINISTER OF COMMUNICATIONS
  • Get Funded + Invested + Incubated + Mentored – be part of a WHOLESOME STARTUP EcoSystem
  • Be part of India’s biggest B2B + B2G – m2m + iot Industry Forum – THE KNOWLEDGE CONFLUENCE

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India m2m + iot Forum is an excellent and a un-miss-able opportunity for the Indian and the Global ICT (m2m + iot) Startups Community to showcase their business ideas and innovations to the national and globally renowned experts in the field.

TEN Square Business Pitch Competition

Jointly organized by TCOE India (Telecom Centres of Excellence, India), this unique competition will provide an unprecedented platform for startups to showcase their business ideas and innovations, explore business and partnership opportunities, interact with business experts, corporates and mentors, investors and venture capitalists, including top industry associations and government organizations and departments and more!

India m2m + iot Forum 2017, under the TEN Square Entrepreneurship Enablement Program of TCOE India announces the ‘TEN Square Business Pitch Competition’. The TEN Square Business Pitch Competition will focus on applications of ICT (including m2m + iot) in various spheres of daily life and how ready are the product, services and solutions for go-to-market and positively and really impact the lives of the society at large.

THE BEST WILL BE REWARDED - The WINNERS of the TEN Square Business Pitch Competition will receive the AWARDS from the Honorable Minister Of Communications Shri. Manoj Sinha, during the Industry Round Table and Gala Evening.

Eligibility Criteria – who can apply?

  • Companies/Organizations that are less than 5 years (as per the business registration date).
  • Privately held (Private Limited Company/Entity) and independent companies/organizations. Exceptions for the startup companies and organizations that are not Private Limited in nature can be made for companies/entities from the remote states of India such as the states of North East, Jammu & Kashmir, Leh & Laddakh etc.
  • The registered company/entity must be of Indian Domicile only and registered in any state or the Union Territory of India.
  • Annual Revenue Turnover – less than Rs. 5 Crore (Indian Rupees Five Crore), with no funding received earlier for the innovative product/solution being presented and until the date of inception at the incubation centre at TCOE India’s TEN Square incubation centre.
  • The participating startup company/organization must have at-least 2 x existing or live customer whom they have sold their products, system and solutions, or must have manifestations from its prospective customers.

The received Business ideas and innovations from the startup companies will be shortlisted by the Select Jury/Panel of TCOE India’s TEN Square Entrepreneurship Enablement Program, and 5 x Winners will be announced by TCOE India’s TEN Square Entrepreneurship Enablement Program’s select Jury/Panel on day one and after the Business Pitch Competition at India m2m + iot Forum 2017.

The Evaluation Criteria;

  • Understanding of the market vis-a-vis product placement.
  • Current clientele and potential pipeline.
  • Comparative positioning to the competitors; differentiators; value proposition.
  • Social Impact: The Company should be ethical in its conduct and line of work.
  • Planning and Execution: how are long/short term goals planned for; strategies for achieving them.
  • Team: Passion, experience, dynamics of the team members working together.
  • Company presence: Offices; website interface, marketing vehicles/campaigns.
  • Total ICT Startup companies/organizations to be shortlisted are 12 in numbers

Timelines & Announcements

  • Registraton/Submission last date – 31 January 2017.
  • Screening – 1st level – 5 February 2017.
  • Screening 2nd and final level – 10 February 2017.
  • Announcement of shortlisted companies/organizations – 15 February 2017.
  • Demonstration/Presentation of Business Propositions and Technology by the shortlisted companies/organizations to the live audience and the TCOE India’s TEN Square Jury/Panel at India m2m + iot Forum 2017, on 6 March 2017, at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.
  • TCOE India’s TEN Square Jury/Panel will select a total of 5 x Winners. and adopt them to provide the following;
    • Funding + Invetsment
    • Guidance + Mentoring Support
    • Infrastructure Sharing
    • Incubation (Physical and Virtual) – Total incubation time – 2 years.

For participation in TEN Square Business Pitch Competition, please contact;

Ms. Neeti Bhatia, Manager (include picture)
Coordination Centre, TCOE India
Phone: +91 9810599910


For TEN Square Business Pitch Competition Sponsorship, please contact;

Ms. Shilpi Batra – Forum Director (include picture)
India m2m + iot Forum 2017
Phone: +91 9818105643 I +91 9599074767

What is TEN Square Entrepreneurship Enablement Program?

To achieve the objectives of Startup India Initiative announced by the Honorable Prime Minister, the General Body of Telecom Centres Of Excellence, India (TCOE India) under the guidance of Department Of Telecommunications (DoT), Ministry Of Communications, Government Of India, has approved to set up an Entrepreneurship Enablement Centre at the Centre For Development Of Telematics (C-DOT) Campus to virtualize any and all available talents in the country.

The selected Startups will be allotted seats at the Entrepreneurship Enablement Centre, i.e., TEN Square, Physically and as well as virtually.

The GOAL’s

  • To recommend a mechanism to establish an Entrepreneurship Enablement Centre for incubation of startups in India in order to accelerate the pace of Startup India movement envisioned by the Honorable Prime Minister of India.
  • To determine the constraints the new startups face when they look for guidance and support from the government or semi-government bodies, and also to recommend guideline processes to eliminate or resolve the issues or constraints for startups in the area of ICT ecosystem.
  • To determine the new role through TEN Square’s Entrepreneurship Enablement Program in seeding, growing, and performing of the startups in the country.
  • To provide end-to-end mentoring to guide and assist the startups to succeed to contribute and impact the growth of the Smart Cities.
  • Provide guidelines on funding and investment based debt financing, equity investment and grants, developing growth strategies, hiring of skilled talent, developing and outsourcing new technologies, product marketing and linking to the end user, and financing and taxation mechanisms on the maturity of the startup.
  • Provide guidelines on Intellectual Property Protection, Refrainment and Protection from infringement of the existing IPR’s, Assistance on filing patent to protect the intellectual property rights (IPR), and Assistance for compliance to the government requirements as laid down in the various policies of the Government of India under the aegis of Startup India movement which embraces and aligns Digital India initiative, Skill India initiative, and Make in India initiative.
  • Develop infrastructure for the startups by providing guidance on how startups can use incubators during their idea formation, innovation and growth.
  • Define the roles of the preeminent entities, i.e., the Telecom Centres of Excellence (TCOE) India, and Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DOT) with respect to Entrepreneurship Enablement Centre and collaboration relationship with R&D institutions like C-DOT, and incubators from academia like Research Park in IIT Madras or SID and CENSE at IISc Bangalore, and Electropreneur Park in Delhi University.

What is in there for YOU as a STARTUP?

Funding and Investment – for Qualified Startups

  • Funding Assistance – From Angel investors, VCs, or Business Accelerators (BA) or from funds provided under integrated platform to promote and boost entrepreneurship as envisioned by the Prime Minister of India.
  • Funding for MSME sector – The Startups of micro, small, and medium sizes providing businesses to organisations of telecom, Internet of Things (iot), Machine-to-Machine communication (m2m), or Bigdata may receive assistance from India Aspiration Fund established by the Government of India.
  • Incubation under SETU programme – Startups bridging the gap between the urban and rural by providing innovative solutions may qualify for funding under Self-Employment and Talent Utilisation (SETU) under Niti Aayog of Government of India.
  • Guidance and assistance for establishing technology lead and knowledge-driven enterprise under TBI scheme of DST – For Startups with innovation and business opportunities in the area of knowledge-driven technologies, funds under Technology Business Incubator (TBI) under DST may be made available for startups working with academia.
  • Guidance and assistance on exit options for startups – The mentoring on demand shall provide appropriate guidance on exit and restructuring the Startup among remaining co-founders, if any, for its commercial viability.


  • Starting business organisation or company – Business mentoring shall be available on demand with the engaged funding agency, Business Accelerators (BA), or Venture Capitalists (VC), and engaged academic or research incubator will be provided to the startup.
  • Establishing business through ecommerce (on website) There shall be guidance and assistance in floating website for the startups provided on consultancy basis.
  • Incubation of idea and the business The mentors from the pool shall be available on demand to provide mentoring on development of innovation and businesses, including facilities of the incubation centre.

Mentoring and guidance

  • Guidance and assistance to startups in conceptualising the idea to the proof-of-concept.

Protection and assistance to comply to the Government requirements.

Assisting the startup getting business approvals through ebiz portal

  • For startups working in the area of IoT or M2M, assistance will be offered to the startup qualifying to be alternative platform for internet startups.

Link to the market and end user

Flexibility and agility – Guidance and assistance on exit or closure shall be provided to develop exit strategy, searching out partners or handing over the startup to the investing VCs, or evaluation of the organisation assets for closure, including Merger and Acquisition (M&A) as one of the potential options.

India m2m + iot Forum 2017 - Highlights

    • COMPREHENSIVE THOUGHT LEADERSHIP – Expert talks and panel discussions from leading industry experts and leaders
    • Investors Panel on Startups – their place in the eco-system
    • THE TEN SQUARE COMPETITION – Entrepreneurship Enablement Program of TCOE India – Business Pitch Competition for ICT Startups 
    • Award Ceremony – WINNERS of the Startup Business Pitch Competition + Gala Evening
    • Industry Round Table on: ‘m2m and iot Service Delivery Modeling – How and Why?’
    • TOWARDS SMARTER INDIA – Role of m2m + iot in Making Sustainable Smart Cities in India
    • STUDENTs CORNER – MEET THE GAME CHANGERS OF TODAY AND TOMORROW – The NEXT m2m + iot’an – Poster Presentations by Student’s Researchers and Scientists
    • Live Demo’s + Technology Show’s Exhibition + Display of New Age Technologies
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